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Tigers are a symbol of courage and protection - so let this large feline guard your favourite flowers. These big cats have been handpainted on a bright sky blue backgroun to make for a truly statement vase.  Made in Pakistan, inspired by the truck art of the region.  This design is available in other colours.


Size: W12cm x H17cm 


Material: Hand-painted and enamelled recycled steel.


Hand wash only.  Please be aware that due to their rustic nature, these pieces all have their own charming imperfections such as light scratches, chips and paint drips.

Enamel Tiger Vase - Blue

Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, you may find some variation in size, shape and colour. Buying this handmade product means you are supporting an artisan directly and in turn you are also supporting the local communities where the crafts are made.

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